Need extra stuffing?

Need extra stuffing?

One turkey. Lots of people. Need a little extra stuffing?

This is a chunky style stuffing, a great way to add some bulk to your Christmas dinner table. What's more it's easily made and prepared in advance. When ready to us just pop it back into the oven to warm up or alternatively this is also totally delicious cold!

1.Fry off 1 brown onion, 3 garlic cloves & 3 chopped celery sticks until translucent.             

2. Squeeze sausage mince from casing into small chunks, adding into the pan with torn prosciutto & brown over low heat.

3. Add fresh thyme & rosemary, pine nuts & sultanas.

5. Break bread into irregular sized pieces, the biggest no bigger than a golf ball.

6. When sausage mince is just browned add the juice of 1 orange. Turn off the heat. Add the bread to the pan & mix it through to coat in the residual juices. You can use your hands to really squish it through once cool enough.

Pop it into a hot oven to just crisp the top layer. Done!

This can be covered with glad wrap and left in the fridge for up to 2 days.